This is the homepage of SourceForge setup, a program that sets up SSH and WinCVS for the Win32 platform so you can easily access the SourceForge servers.

Note: 28th May 2002 - Whoops! It seems I didn't upload the new release properly, instead of using the SourceForge release system I just uploaded to the web directory and forgot to change the link! Very Sorry! Hope this didn't inconvenience too many people: I also realised that the starting details were inconsistent, caused by the fact that I did the new release in a hurry. Get it here
Note: 11th May 2002 - what is quite possibly the longest running bug in creation has been fixed, courtesy of Russell Phillips who today sent me a patch that will allow SFSetup to run on Windows 2000. Please bear in mind the following:
Many thanks to Russ for this patch! One last thing .... and this is important so read it: before you can use your account, you must type the following (substituting your username and projectname as appropriate) before attempting to use CVS from a new user account:

ssh -l username

Enter your password, and you'll get a message about how you're not supposed to be there and the connection will drop. What they don't tell you is that this creates your home directory and is required for things to start working. Hope that helps

Note: 9th Jan 2002 - first of all, an apology! I realised some time ago that the information on this page was somewhat out of date, but other things got in the way etc. blah blah and the end result is that I have let this stuff be inaccurate way too long. No real excuse, so I just ask for forgiveness. First of all, my email address exploded some time ago and has finally ended up as . If you tried to send to the old address and it bounced, that's why :( Secondly, the old Win2K issue. As I never did find anyone who was willing to take over and update the project, and as I'm still stuck with 98 , this issue is still present. There is a simple workaround - create (or unhide) c:\autoexec.bat before running SFSetup. The environment variables stuff needed will be added to the file. If you want you can then move this to the registry using the GUI interface, but otherwise it'll still work (or so I've been told). Again, apologies if this has caused frustration.

Welcome to the site. These pages will help you set up SSH and CVS for your Windows computer. It consists of the SFSetup program that automates much of the setup work, and some tutorials on how to use CVS on Windows.

SFSetup is written in Delphi, and can install SSH, completely set it up, and also configure WinCVS for a given project. I wrote it because I found SourceForge difficult to set up manually and wanted to give people the option of doing it easily, especially as I didn't want people to be put off working on Open Source projects by the complexity of SSH and CVS.

It is split into stages which can be executed independently of each other. You can unpack SSH, set up SSH and set up WinCVS individually or all together, depending on your needs.

So, here's what you need to do:


If you have Delphi 4 or above you can help me with the development of this program. A few features I think would be good are:

Ok, so obviously I don't have many ideas right now, but if you do then email me. You can get the source to this project from the CVS servers anonymously if you want, but to make modifications you'll need to talk to me.

Thats all folks - Michael Hearn

(C) Michael Hearn 2000

By the way, I am in no way affiliated with VA Linux or SourceForge, cool companies though they are. I'm just a guy :)